When You Don’t Need A Lawyer

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Did you know there are times you don’t need a lawyer? There are many instances where you can save yourself a lot of money just by representing yourself and hiring a legal document preparer to help you. Most Americans have hired an attorney at least once in their lives. It might have been for the sale of a home, to probate a Will or to form a limited liability company. People often assume they need a lawyer to handle every small matter than involves filing papers in court. Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars an hour even for the simplest tasks, and there is so much information available on the internet about how to do just about anything. That’s why so many Floridians are realizing there times when you don’t need a lawyer to handle routine legal tasks. South Florida Legal Doc Prep is an experienced legal document preparation service that can save self-represented individuals thousands of dollars by helping them fill out documents.

When You Just Need to Fill Out Forms

Some legal situations are so routine that all that needs to be done is to fill out a form correctly and properly submit it to the appropriate court. That’s easier said than done. Despite the fact that all the forms, filing dates and court locations is available to the public and not restricted to attorneys, it’s cumbersome to access this information and utilize it properly. That’s why providing the facts to an experienced document preparation professional can facilitate the success of your self representation. South Florida Florida Legal Doc Prep is the most reputable South Florida document preparation service. They can help ensure that your legal self representation is a success.

Is Self Representation A Good Idea?

Representing yourself in legal matters is allowed in every State, and is sometimes known as acting “pro se,” meaning “for yourself.” Any time you handle something that could be done by a lawyer, such as writing you Will, incorporating your business or drafting a roommate agreement, you are acting “pro se,” and it’s important to know where to draw the line between saving money and being foolhardy. If you’re being prosecuted for a felony, sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars in commercial court or are a beneficiary of a large contested probate matter, you should get advice from an attorney. If there are large amounts of money or your freedom at stake, the cost of a lawyer is well worth it.

How A Forms Preparation Service Can Help You

Many legal matters use standardized forms, called “boilerplates” that are essentially “fill in the blanks” forms. For example, simple leases can be ten or even twenty pages long, but only a small fraction of the information is unique to the matter at hand. So, if you would like to rent an apartment to another person, you need to do your own research on whether this is allowable in your area, and then present a lease to the tenant to sign that contains the correct terms you are offering. When you hire a document preparation service, you can provide your specific terms such as the length of the lease, whether subletting is allowed, whether pets are allowed, etc. and this information will be accurately filled in on the appropriate lease boilerplate. If you are renting many apartments, this can result in a significant savings over legal costs.

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