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The cost of probating a Will in Florida can be astronomical. That’s because attorneys charge $300-$500 an hour for their time, even if it’s just time spent talking to you on the phone or filling out forms. Most of the hard work is done by the estate’s executor, (also sometimes called an administrator or personal representative), who is responsible for liquidating assets, getting appraisals, setting up bank accounts, paying debts and distributing assets. Unless it’s a very large estate, and/or the Will or its provisions are being contested, the probate process  or a Florida summary administration can be handled by an individual on their own. Many people handling probate without an attorney on their own find the assistance of a Florida probate service a great option to both save month and also to Probate A Florida Will Without Leaving Your Home to be very helpful.

Florida Has Streamlined Probate for Small Estates

When the value of an estate is less than $75,000, it’s possible to file for probate with Florida’s Summary Administration and Estate process. Even smaller estates, around $10,000 in value (varying by County) and containing only liquid assets, can use an even more streamlined process called Florida Disposition of Personal Property without Administration. Florida is a popular state for semi-retired seniors who own small vacation condos, and when they pass, they must go through probate. When this happens where the non-resident owns assets and real property in Florida, a Florida ancillary administration is needed to probate that portion of the estate. For small estates that are not being contested, handling the legal work yourself with the help of a Florida probate legal document assistant can save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

What If Somebody Dies Without a Will?

When somebody dies without a Will, it’s called dying “intestate”. In such cases, the estate passes to the deceased person’s legal heirs based on the Florida laws of intestacy. The property of the estate is distributed to close family members and to more distant relatives if no close family can be found. If there is no family at all, the property of the estate goes to the State of Florida. Forms must be filed with the Florida court to request the appointment of an administrator for the estate, who will carry out the functions assigned by the court. If the estate is small and no contests are filed, it can save a great deal of money to handle the legal work on your own, with the help of an experienced Florida probate legal document preparer.

As an alternative, the probate process itself is expensive and lengthy, yet people don’t realize that there are a few simple ways to avoid probate in Florida. You may also want to consider what you can do to avoid probate in Florida and the main reasons you should make South Florida Legal Document Preparation Services part of your estate planning process to avoid all this later. 


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