Small Claims and Civil Matters


When people can’t resolve civil disputes on their own, they can file papers requesting that a judge or jury make the decision for them. It is not necessary to hire an expensive attorney if you choose to represent yourself in Florida. You can try the DIY legal forms approach and hire a Florida legal document forms specialist to assist in filling out the forms. That is totally up to you if you are up to the challenge and do not need legal advice or representation in court. Parties to the dispute can hire lawyers to represent them, or they can represent themselves. There are many different types of Florida civil courts, for different types of issues and depending on how much money is involved. You are not required to hire an attorney to bring a civil action or to defend against one . The only time you must hire an attorney is if you are going up against a corporation in circuit civil court; however, it is not required in small claims court. You can act as your own attorney, facilitated by a Florida small claims civil legal document preparer that has all the required forms, and can help you fill them out. If your case is complicated, you should consider consulting with an attorney before filing the appropriate Florida legal forms. You should also know that when you begin a case representing yourself, you can still retain an attorney later, if the case becomes more complicated than anticipated.

Florida Civil County Court

In Florida, disputes involving $8,000 or less can be handled in small claims court, where the majority of claimants represent themselves. Every county in Florida has a small claims court, where small lawsuits can be resolved quickly. To commence an action in small claims court, a “Statement of Claim” is filed, with a small fee that varies by county. Once the claim is filed, every business and/or person being sued is served with a summons to appear in court at a specific date and time. Sometimes the court will order mediation or a pre-trial conference. Civil disputes under $30,000 can be brought in the county court with a streamlined procedure that is still more complicated than small claims court. A Florida civil legal document preparer can help you prepare the necessary forms you will need to represent yourself in Florida County Courts.

Florida Circuit Courts

Although we do not get involved in large civil matters that involve disputes over $30,000 that can be brought in a Circuit court, we can assist in preparing answers or responses. Florida does not require you to have an attorney, even for those more complicated cases. South Florida Legal Document Preparation Services can help you navigate the process and prepare documents for you. We can also prepare documents to help you defend yourself against a lawsuit. All of the documents will be prepared exactly as you instruct us to prepare them. If we believe the matter is too complex for you to handle on your own, we will advise you to hire an attorney and we will direct you to a service that refers attorneys. It is important that you understand that we do not provide legal representation of any kind.

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