Self-Represented Individuals and Pro Se Litigants Are Increasing!

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Did You Know That Many People Urgently Need Help With Their Legal Matters?

Without legal assistance, their issues will likely go unresolved or wrongly resolved against them. One of the biggest challenges in the court system today is the increasing number of self-represented individuals and pro se litigants. As the number of self-representing individuals and pro se litigants in civil, family, probate, estate planning, divorce, eviction, small claims cases continues to grow, courts are responding by improving access to justice. This only empowers people to solve their own problems and turn to legal document preparers to help them with the paperwork.

In some states, as many as 80 to 90% of self-represented individuals and pro se litigants are not represented, even though their opponent has a lawyer. The number of these “pro se litigants” has increased substantially in the last decade. This is because of the economic downturn and poor economic conditions. In addition, the issues like housing and domestic relations are also adding to it.

Some of the largest legal aid organizations for low-income Americans in the nation reported recently that 86 percent of low-income Americans receive inadequately or no professional legal help for the civil legal problems they face. In the State of Florida, state courts continue to see a staggering number of a self-represented individuals and pro se litigants in 2017 alone.

How to Resolve the Issue?

So, what do we do about the fact that the legal system is, for many people without a lawyer, nearly impossible to navigate? One way to resolve this issue is for those who are unable to afford the services of an attorney to seek out the services of a legal document preparer.  It is important to go to the person who has previous years of experience working behind the scenes for lawyers. 

If you are suing or being sued, there are forms which a nonlawyer can prepare for you which are compliant with the State and Supreme Court and is knowledgeable of the procedures with the court system.  Should you be dealing with an issue regarding a civil matter, breach of contract, negligence, landlord/tenant issues, criminal records, family, probate, etc., you can represent yourself and obtain assistance with the court filings. Before you decide to be self-represented, you may want to learn more about what this means.  Just know you will not have an attorney to represent you in court or to provide you with legal advice.

If you find yourself in this situation like so many self-represented individuals and pro se litigants, just know that there is real justice out there for you as well. Please feel free to check out further information regarding self-representation in our States’ court system and the challenges being faced.

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