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Probate is the court’s supervision over distributing assets and debts based either on a Will or on Florida law. Hiring a lawyer to represent you in a probate proceeding can be very expensive and might not be necessary in every case. If you are the beneficiary of a small uncontested estate, you might want to consider handling it on your own. It’s easy with the help of an experienced document preparer that can produce professional looking documents under your direction.

Summary Administration of Probate in Florida

Summary administration is usually available when the value of a Florida estate is less than $75,000, the debts of the estate are paid, and there are no objections from creditors. It can also be used when a decedent has passed more than two years before the proceeding. This shortened form of probate in Florida does not even require the appointment of a personal representative. To commence a summary proceeding a petition must be filed with the court showing the following:

  • That the estate qualifies for this abbreviated process;
  • List of assets with their value;
  • List of the estate’s debt, if any;
  • Plan for distributing the assets.

If the court is satisfied that the estate meets the requirements, they will issue an order that will allow for the distribution of the estate’s assets.

Do I Need An Attorney?

If you’re not sure whether the estate qualifies, you can research the topic with materials available to the public or you can consult with an attorney. Some attorneys are willing to offer consultations to people that will be representing themselves. If you decide to represent yourself in a summary administration, it’s helpful if the documents presented to the court look professional. That’s why it’s a good idea to hire a legal document preparation service to help you produce a professional looking petition.

Formal Administration of Probate in Florida

Formal probate proceedings are more lengthy and complicated, so Florida does not allow non-lawyers to handle them on their own. If you require assistance for a formal probate proceeding, you should contact an experienced Florida attorney.

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