Planning for Divorce: Hire a Legal Doc Prep Expert and Save Money

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Planning for Divorce: Hire a Legal Doc Prep Expert and Save Money

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With many of us working from home in Florida during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we find lot of disagreements with our spouse as we are spending more time at home. We all know, it is a tough year for all of us and we all want to save every penny possible as we don’t know what lies ahead.  As disagreements increase, many of us are planning a divorce and we all might like to save money during this entire process.  If you also looking to save money on your divorce process, then you should look at the best options like hiring a Florida divorce expert from legal documentation preparation services.

You might be thinking how can a divorce legal doc prep Florida help you in saving money?

Florida divorce legal document preparers are experts with extensive knowledge about the documentation process involved in a divorce. Infact, if the matter is uncontested, they can do the same job such as a lawyer at much lower costs while you are self-represented.

An experienced divorce legal doc prep Florida will guide you in the entire process, fill out all the necessary forms after taking all the necessary information from you, assist you in the follow-up with legal authorities and help you in a getting your divorce in a smooth way. But it is all also important to understand when to hire a Florida divorce documentation expert.

Some of the important points to consider for hiring a simplified divorce expert from legal documentation preparation services are:

  1. You and your spouse should have an agreement on divorce terms and conditions. There should not be any ambiguity.
  2. The couple should not have any children below the age of 18 years and also the wife should not be pregnant during the divorce process. Also, if children are involved, you will need complete the parenting course prescribed by Department Parenting and Children, Florida.
  3. Atleast one of the parties involved, that is husband or wife, should have lived in Florida for last six months and necessary documentation needs to be provided for the same.
  4. It is also important to note that both parties cannot appeal for trial.
  5. You may have to appear before the judge in court for final judgment of divorce.


The best part of the entire process is the divorce can happen in 30 days and that too without the lawyer or an attorney.  Should you have minor children, we can certainly assist you in preparing all the necessary documents; however, this does take a bit longer than a simplified divorce and the procedure is a bit varied. You will need help only of a Florida divorce document preparer who can provide all the services including necessary forms, filling out and filing the forms at much lower cost than a lawyer.

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