Establishing paternity in Florida is an important preliminary issue that must be resolved prior to commencing a legal matter. For example, proof of paternity might be required to contest the distribution of an estate or for action seeking child support. You might want to prove that you are not a parent when an action for child support is commenced against you. Paternity can be established or disproved biologically with DNA evidence or by presenting legally valid adoption papers. Florida does not require that you use an attorney when filing or defending paternity actions, but it is important that all the documents are properly prepared. An experienced Florida Paternity Legal Document Preparer has all the appropriate forms, and can help you fill them out.

Paternity and Parenting 

When a mother is married, there is a presumption that her husband is the biological father. If the husband is not the biological father, an order of paternity would be necessary to rebut this presumption. When a mother is unmarried, an order of paternity might be needed to collect child support from the father, and for the father to have custody and visitation rights. When a putative father refuses to be tested, a court can order DNA testing. Establishing paternity lets a child know who their true father is, and allows this parent to become involved in their life. South Florida Legal Document Preparer can help you achieve your goals by preparing all the forms you will need to represent yourself in these proceedings.

Paternity and Inheritance

When a person dies without a Will, their assets are distributed to their heirs based on the Florida laws of intestacy. In order to have standing to collect as an heir, you must be able to prove your relationship to the deceased person. When a Will “cuts out” an heir, in favor of other beneficiaries, the heir has standing to contest the Will, but must also be able to prove their relationship. In these cases it is sometimes necessary to obtain an order of paternity.

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