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The cost of hiring a lawyer for even the simplest legal matters can be staggering. Most Florida lawyers charge at least three hundred dollars an hour, which can turn into thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks. That’s why the latest do-it-yourself legal forms craze is being your own lawyer. It’s not as hard as you think to represent yourself for many types of legal matters due to the large amount of information that is available for free or for a small cost on the internet. A difficult hurdle is that judges expect the same type of professional documents from pro se litigants and lawyers. That’s why people are turning to Jacksonville Document Preparation Services that can take the information and advice you provide and turn it into an official looking document.


Jacksonville Legal Doc Prep Is Your Go To Person for Preparation of Court Legal Forms


Jacksonville Legal Doc Prep Helps Pro Se LitigantsIt’s time consuming enough to research and draft materials when you are representing yourself, especially since you’re doing it in your spare time. That’s why a Jacksonville Legal Document Preparation Service can help you so much. For example, you would like to make a motion in family court to increase the amount of child support that you receive from your spouse. You look up the rules for your Jacksonville family court matter and draft the reasons why you believe the amount of child support should be increased. You gather the evidence you need such as pay stubs and other sources of income for your spouse. Just like a real lawyer, you can hand this material over to your Jacksonville Legal Document Preparation Service and get back a professional looking thoroughly proofread document that’s ready for filing.


What If My Matter Is Complicated?


For more complicated matters, it’s always a good idea to consult with an attorney to determine whether or not this is something you should be handling on your own. When large amounts of money are at stake, it might be worth it to pay legal fees if you can possibly afford them. Some pro se litigants consult with lawyers occasionally and don’t completely rely on their own representation, and others cannot afford a lawyer and have no choice but to handle their matters without any professional legal advice. Either way, a complicated matter will benefit from the professionally produced documents that you get when you hire a Jacksonville Document Preparation Service.


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