How To Stop Fighting And Divorce Without a Lawyer

If you can work things out with your spouse, it’s always best for the family to avoid nasty drawn out divorce litigation. If you’ve been married a short time and don’t have children, the laws that determine how assets are divided are pretty straightforward. There is so much information available to the public about the laws that apply to divorce that many people are handling more complicated divorces on their own as well. If you’re considering handling your divorce without a lawyer, it’s a good idea to a make sure you produce a professional looking final product. That’s why so many self-represented litigants are hiring legal document preparation services that produce documents that look like they’ve been done by a legal secretary or document specialist.

Equitable Distribution or Community Property?

There are two basic types of laws in the United States that govern how assets are divided when a marriage ends, equitable distribution and community property. Equitable distribution is a more vague standard, giving a judge more discretion to decide what’s fair. Community property means that the assets are simply divided 50/50. Only property that was acquired or improved during the marriage is divided, with some assets considered separate property such as an inheritance. Fighting over these rules can cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. To avoid this unpleasant scenario, it’s worth it to find a way to compromise with your soon to be ex spouse.

Child Support and Parenting Plans

Most states decide issues regarding children based on the “best interests of the children” standard. Some states are moving away from this and creating presumptions such as 50/50 parenting plans. You can spend a great deal of time researching the laws that apply in your state, but it would cost a fortune to impose these laws in your case. The best way to provide comfort and security for your children is to come up with a plan that suits both the parents and the children well. Sometimes it’s best to let the children stay with the “primary caregiver” during the marriage and in other cases it might be best to shuttle the children between two homes. One of the most difficult aspects to resolve in a divorce with children is who is paying child support and in what amount. If one parent makes much more money than the other and the children are living with the lesser earner, it makes sense for the other parent to pay some support. Increasingly, where both parents have similar incomes and care for the children the same amount of time, child support is not paid at all.

When You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Sometimes it’s necessary to hire a lawyer for your divorce. If your spouse is pushing what feels like a bad deal, saying “Let’s keep the lawyers out of this,” that’s a red flag that should prompt an immediate appointment with a lawyer. This is especially true if your spouse is better educated and more business savvy. That said, consulting with a lawyer doesn’t mean that you’ll need to litigate a case. Once you know your rights you may be in a better position to come to an agreement with your spouse.

How To Hire The Right Legal Document Preparation Service

Once you’ve got a deal, it’s important to make sure that it’s executed in a professional and legally binding manner. South Florida Legal Document Preparation Service has the experience that will ensure that your divorce papers look professional when you present them in court.

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