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Did you know that lawyers in Fort Lauderdale charge from $250-$400 an hour, with some specialists charging much more? They charge you for every phone call and email, often rounding up to fifteen minutes for two minutes of time spent on your matter. Very few people can afford these rates that quickly add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why so many Floridians are representing themselves in legal matters with the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale legal document preparation service.


Fort Lauderdale Legal Doc Prep Helps Pro Se Litigants


Fort Lauderdale Legal Document PreparerThe wealth of information available on the internet from reliable sources can help non-attorneys represent themselves in many straightforward matters such as uncontested divorces, name changes, wills and trusts and powers of attorney, and even to probate a will. The biggest challenge for these types of matters is to make sure that the proper forms are used and that they are correctly filled out. That’s why so many Fort Lauderdale pro se litigants use a document preparation service to assist them with their matters.


Can I Represent Myself for Complicated Legal Matters?


It’s more challenging and riskier to represent yourself in contested or complicated matters. That’s why an ethical document preparation service will always suggest that you consult with an attorney before attempting to represent yourself in a criminal matter, a divorce or family court matter involving children, a contested will, or any other matter of serious consequence.

Sometimes you can hire an attorney at a much lower cost to advise you, rather than represent you. There are also many helpful paid and unpaid sites that can provide statutes, caselaw and analysis of legal topics.


If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer and choose to represent yourself, having the support of an experienced Fort Lauderdale legal document preparer will ensure that the pleadings, motions, affidavits and other legal documents are properly filed with the court in a professional looking format.


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