Florida Divorce and Why the Cut-Off Date Matters

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If you are contemplating filing for Divorce in Florida, then your first question may be, “What if I’m unsure of whether to file for divorce?” Obviously, that is a very personal decision for which only you can make and a very complex decision and a difficult one at best. However, you do not want to make a hasty decision and then later decide you should have done things differently. There are some things you will want to consider before you rush out and hire a Florida Divorce Legal Document Preparer or a Florida Divorce Nonlawyer to assist you in preparing your divorce forms for a dissolution of marriage.

Just so you know, pursuant to Florida law, the “cut-off date” for determining whether an asset is marital or not, which means an equitable distribution between the spouses, would be the earliest date the parties enter into a valid separation agreement, or the date of the filing of a Florida petition for dissolution of marriage. This date would be the time frame of relevance.

The significance of this “cut-off date” is a crucial factor. In your mind, the marriage may have been over long ago.  You and your spouse may even choose to separate. However, these facts alone, without a written agreement or filing your Dissolution of Marriage, may nonetheless make a difference in how the court determines what is a marital assets or income or even a liability.

If you are of the belief that a divorce is on the horizon or even remotely possible, you may wish to protect your interests, such as your future earned income and/or take heed in forming a new business venture right away. One way to protect yourself is executing a written agreement with your spouse, such as a postnuptial agreement or simply an agreement that establishes a “cut-off” date. If a formalized written agreement is not possible and/or your spouse is not amenable to this, your other option may be to file for divorce with the Florida divorce court so that a “cut-off date” is established. This will result in applicable income/assets earned after the date of filing to be classified as nonmarital.

Something to set your mind to is that even if you file for a Florida Divorce, this does not mean the divorce must move forward. If you and your spouse are trying to work things out and attempt to reconcile, you may want to check out marriage counseling or pause the divorce proceeding for a period of time. The date of filing remains in place; however, if you cannot resolve your marital differences and reconcile, you can move your divorce procedure forward at a later time if you deem it is necessary.

Again, the decision to divorce can certainly be stressful and an emotionally challenging time for you, but if you do not time it right, you could face significant financial consequences.

Once you have made the decision to file your Florida Divorce papers, you may think this can seem complicated and expensive. However, you do not need to hire a high-priced Florida divorce attorney to handle your Florida uncontested divorce. The subject of how to get a divorce in Florida can seem complex and the cost to retain a Florida divorce lawyer can seem like more money than you can afford; however, you do have options when getting a divorce Florida. Simply by choosing to represent yourself and by utilizing the assistance of a Florida divorce legal document preparer such as a professional service backed with nearly three (3) decades of legal experience, South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services can provide extraordinary yet cheap divorce assistance. There is low-cost Florida divorce help document services and affordable divorce document prep centers that virtually prepare divorce online forms which many pro se individuals may not even be aware of.  But in all actuality, people are coming out in droves to save money and have peace of mind to get help with their Florida divorce forms and get child support and modification of child support matters resolved. Many think to get a divorce in Florida, they may want to find a divorce paralegal near me who is knowledgeable in how to file for divorce in Florida and assist with preparing the divorce legal forms and all the appropriate divorce papers to file them with the court. However, Florida law says we cannot act as or call ourselves a divorce paralegal or uncontested divorce paralegal unless we are working under the supervision of an attorney. As such, we must call ourselves Florida divorce legal document preparers.

Whether you have been married 2 years or 25 years, have children, assets, property, or not, a Florida dissolution of marriage can still seem like a lot to endure. Simply by hiring a Florida divorce legal form specialist, you can get from a professional legal document service who can assist you with the preparation of your divorce legal document forms and also assist you in filing the legal documents with the court.

Just know that we at South Florida Legal Document Preparation Services cannot and will not provide any legal advice or represent you in court. You are acting pro se and we are filling in information on forms based upon your instructions. All our work is done virtually throughout the State of Florida in all cities and counties so that you can remain in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office and handle your legal matter in your own time. We can help you prepare the appropriate paperwork to get your final judgment. Do not worry!

With over 25 years of experience preparing legal documents coupled with our knowledge of Florida court rules and procedures, South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services understands and will do everything possible to make your divorce process as stress-free and quick as possible for you. We offer fixed flat fees at a fraction of the price a Florida lawyer will charge you and we do not charge you for every phone call and email we receive.

This blog does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer directly.

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