Name Change


Changing your name in Florida couldn’t be easier. Most name changes are allowed for pretty much any reason, as long as the forms are filled out correctly and filed properly. That’s why it’s common for people to handle name changes on their own without an attorney. The most challenging part of self-representation for uncontested basic matters is knowing which forms to fill out and how to file them. That’s why so many people are handling name changes on their own with the help of an experienced Florida name change legal document preparer.

Common Reasons For Name Changes

The most common reason for a name change is to regain the use of a maiden name after a divorce. Another typical reason is to change the last name of a child after an adoption. The court will examine the documents you provide and make a determination that there is “good and sufficient reason” for the name change and that it is “consistent with the public interest.” This is not a difficult standard to meet as just about any legitimate reason will suffice. For minors, the court must determine whether the name change is in the child’s “best interests” and will generally require consent from every adult with legal rights over the child.

Florida Limits on Name Changes

The court will be likely to approve most name changes. That means you can change your name to Desktop, Officechair, Table or Fridge, but there are some names that the court will deem unacceptable. You cannot change your name to an obscenity, racial slur or other type of offensive word. The court will not allow you to choose a name for malicious reasons, such as changing your name to the same name as your ex-husband’s girlfriend. You cannot change your name to the name of a celebrity or use punctuation in your name.

Some Types of Name Changes Are Complicated

If you have been convicted of a felony, there are circumstances where the court might allow you to change your name, but it’s unlikely that you will be successful with this on your own. If you are seeking a post-conviction name change, we can recommend an attorney to help you with your case.


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