Florida landlord/tenant courts are designed to be accessible to parties representing themselves. Whether you’re a landlord seeking to evict a tenant or a tenant trying to avoid eviction, it is often possible to handle these matters without an attorney. The number one important thing everybody needs to keep in mind is that due process rights make it difficult to get swift action, so it’s not easy to evict tenants and it usually can’t be done quickly.

Evictions and Florida Law

The first step in a Florida eviction is to send the tenant a notice stating the reason for eviction, such as non-payment of rent or violation of the terms of the lease. After the notice is served, there is a waiting period to see if the tenant cures the problem or moves out. During this waiting period, the landlord should never utilize “self-help” such as shutting off utilities or changing the locks. If the tenant has not cured the problem by making payments up to date or by complying with the terms of the lease, the landlord can file a summons and complaint in court requesting an eviction hearing. The tenant will be given time to respond to these pleadings, and after this period ends, a date for a hearing will be set. At the hearing, a Judge will decide whether the tenant should be evicted or remain. At any time during the pendency of the action, the landlord and tenant can agree to a settlement.

Representing Yourself in Landlord/Tenant Court

Many small landlords and most tenants cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent themselves in eviction proceedings. The most important part of the process is often filing the right forms, filing them on time, and filing them correctly. That’s why an experienced Florida Eviction Document Preparation Service can be so helpful for landlord/tenant court litigants seeking to represent themselves. Some landlord/tenant matters are more complicated than others such as tenant engaging in illegal and/or dangerous activities that endanger all the occupants of the buildings or a case where a tenant is being harassed or discriminated against. If we believe your situation is too risky or complicated to handle on your own, we will refer you to an attorney that can advise you about your legal options. 

South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC provides affordable document preparation services to assist self-represented individuals with evictions and other landlord/tenant matters.


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