Estate Planning From The Comfort Of Your Home

Estate Planning From the Comfort of your home

Estate planning is on everybody’s to-do list after a certain age, where it can linger for years without action. The arrival of the Coronavirus Pandemic is pushing these issues to the forefront and people are wondering what to do first. All the experts agree that the best thing you can do for yourself and your community is to stay home, so visiting an attorney’s office isn’t such a great idea. Why not consider doing your own estate planning from the comfort of your home, with the help of an experienced Florida Document Preparation service?

Do Everything Remotely With South Florida Legal Doc Prep

South Florida Legal Doc Prep is ready to help you complete your entire estate plan without leaving your home. A great deal of useful information is available about Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Directives from the State of Florida and there are many other reliable sources for legal research. Once you’ve made all the decisions about what you would like to include in your plan, we can make sure that it’s typed correctly into the proper forms. We’ll also let you know when it might be necessary to consult with an attorney.

Florida Last Will and Testament

A Will protects your family and property by allowing you to specify:

  • How your property will be distributed after your death;
  • Who will care for your children;
  • Who will manage the property left to minor children;
  • The personal representative that will handle administration of the Will.

Florida does not require you to use a lawyer for a basic Will, only that it be properly executed. Florida requires that a Will be signed in front of two witnesses, and does not require it to be notarized. It’s important that your Will be properly formatted and professional looking, that’s why it’s a good idea to work with Florida Legal Document Preparation Service for your Last Will and Testament.

Florida Power of Attorney For Financial Decisions

A power of attorney is simply a document that delegates authority to another person to act as their agent. It can be used to specify somebody to take over management of your financial affairs should you become unable to do so on your own. It’s important to make sure that somebody is designated to pay your bills and manage your finances should you become physically or mentally unable to do so. Working with an experienced Florida Legal Document Preparation Service ensures that your Florida Power of Attorney looks authoritative and professional.

Florida Health Care Surrogate

A healthcare surrogate sometimes called something a little different is some states is a document that appoints a person of your choice who will be able to make medical decisions on your behalf. This is also occasionally referred to as a durable power of attorney for healthcare. This person’s power to make these decisions goes into effect only when you are unable to make them yourself.

Obviously, this is a lot of responsibility to grant to another person, so you must ensure you have given plenty of thought to who your proxy will be. This person must have a thorough understanding of your healthcare wishes in a variety of situations, including resuscitation, artificial hydration and nutrition, and other standards you have for quality of life.

Having a healthcare surrogate in place will help you ensure any decisions made for your healthcare will be based on your own wishes and values.

Florida Living Will

This document will outline in great detail how you would like your medical decisions handled if you are unable to do so on your own. Without a Living Will, these decisions will have to be made by family members, doctors, or courts without the benefit of your wishes. It’s a good idea to be as specific as possible, especially regarding the use of extraordinary measures if there’s virtually no chance of recovery. Once you’ve decided on your preferences, you can upload the information to an experienced document preparation service that will provide you with professionally prepared documents.


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