6 Reasons to Hire a Legal Document Preparation Service

Hire a legal document prep service

Root canals, trips to the DMV, and completing legal paperwork are the bane of everyone’s existence. Not only is legal document preparation time-consuming, the smallest mistake could have potentially devastating consequences. Most people think there are only two options. Employing the services of a law firm, but the fees often range from really expensive to extremely expensive. Someone once suggested the other option is doing it yourself with the assistance of Google or a legal advice website. Either way, it is always advised to get legal advice just in case if you are unsure before deciding on whether you think you are prepared to move forward without an attorney and hire a legal document preparer.  

Fortunately, there is now an ideal option, South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services. We can quickly and easily complete all of your legal paperwork. You can be confident your legal documents are compliant with the State and Florida Supreme Court while not worrying about spending a fortune. 

These are the top 6 reasons to hire us the next time you need to complete legal documents.

1. Simplify the process for Legal Document Preparation

Have you ever looked at the terminology used on a legal form such as a durable power of attorney or healthcare directive? Some of it is downright confusing, meaning you’ll spend precious time attempting to decipher the form before even completing it. Then, you must properly answer the questions, type, and file it. 

Hiring South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services takes this burden off your mind. You provide us with some simple information, and we do the rest. After completing the paperwork, we explain exactly what we did so you can understand it. 

2. It’s affordable for Legal Document Prep

If you have thousands of dollars that you don’t need, then using a law office for legal documents might be your best option. Most people need quality assistance with legal documents without having to take a second or third job. Plus, more than money is involved. Your case cannot be resolved until the paperwork is complete. That is why we pride ourselves on providing our legal document prep services at an affordable price. 

3. It’s convenient using a Legal Document Specialist

At South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, you’ll never have to take a vacation day or find a sitter for your kids to come into our office. We do everything remotely and work around your schedule. This includes explaining the process to you, gathering needed information, and reviewing all our work before the final draft is completed. Best of all, there is a good chance that we’ll be able to assist in efiling your documents with the appropriate court.

4. It provides an invaluable service for the Pro se litigant

No one knows your case better than you do, so it’s understandable that you may want to represent yourself in the courtroom. We can be an aid in your fight for justice. While we do not provide legal advice, we will make sure that your documents are accurately prepared and filed, adhering to the rules and statutes of the appropriate court. 

5. It allows you to create your own legally binding contracts or legal forms

If you provide a service, own a business, or have invested in rental property, you need your clients to sign a legally binding contract for your protection. Creating these documents may seem as easy as Googling a blank form. However, many people are unfamiliar with the appropriate state specific legal terminology that should be used. This potentially leaves them defenseless if a matter goes to court. 

6. You’ll have peace of mind that everything is correct

Improperly prepared paperwork can result in your entire case being thrown out of court. Your life will be significantly impacted. We stand behind the paperwork and court documents we complete, giving you confidence and peace of mind. However, since you are self-represented and we are nonlawyers, we cannot be held responsible for any outcome in your case.

Whether you are filing for divorce, adopting a family member, creating a will, or navigating your way through the criminal justice system, we are here to help. Contact South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services today or follow us on social media.

This blog does not constitute legal advice and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

If you need legal advice, please contact a lawyer directly.

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