Divorce and Co-Parenting Made Simple

If you are like many faced with the unfortunate circumstance of going through a divorce, you wonder where will the children live after the divorce? How much time will they spend with each parent? Divorce and co-parenting issues contain a lot of legal stuff to ponder upon.  How will important decisions about the children’s upbringing be made when the parents are no longer working together as one family unit? When couples with children decide to divorce, questions such as these are often the most important to resolve.  When you find you are stressing over the big stuff and economic issues are on your mind, why not save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by hiring a Florida divorce legal document preparer or legal specialist to help you with the paperwork. We can help with all family matters including child support, parenting plan, time-sharing, supervision, division of assets, modifications, domestic violence, contempt and so much more.

South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC will help you in the process of divorce and co-parenting by providing a well-written questionnaire to complete and return to us either via email or regular mail.  Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, we will begin the process of preparing all the appropriate legal documents.  These documents are required by Florida Statute to obtain your final judgment of dissolution of marriage.  They will provide you a court order which will allow the appropriate time-sharing and parenting plan.  Once we have finalized the documents, we will email them back to you for review and file with the court.  This entire process can be done for you in a matter of days.

What You Need to Know about Divorce and Co-Parenting in Florida

What was once called child custody and visitation are now known in Florida as time-sharing and parental responsibility. These changes reflect the rights and duties of both parents in raising their children – the important roles both parents can play in their children’s upbringing.

The State of Florida favors each parent having frequent and continuing contact with the children post-divorce.  The parental responsibility is only awarded solely to one parent where shared parental responsibility would be detrimental to the children.  For instance, in the case of a history or pattern of domestic violence or child abuse by a parent.

If the parents can agree to a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule, the court will likely approve it if it seems fair.  If the parties cannot agree, it is up to the judge to make these decisions following a hearing.  In this hearing, both parties share their views as to why the time-sharing and parenting should be drawn up a certain way.  The judge will consider various factors while determining or approving the parenting plan and time-sharing schedule.

Keep in Mind, the Judge will Likely Look at the Following Factors, Among Others:

      • The ability of a parent to foster a close relationship with the child and the other parent and honor the schedule
      • Division of parental responsibilities
      • Ability of a parent to act in the child’s best interests
      • Need for continuity in the child’s home environment
      • Any evidence of domestic violence or child abuse
      • Child’s preference in certain circumstances

We can also be of help when a parent is seeking to modify the time-sharing or parenting schedule in addition to any child support.

Divorce and co-parenting does not need to be complicated or expensive and in many cases does not even need legal advice or representation in court.  Let South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services help!

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