Children Have Rights Too

Are you in a situation where you believe you are the biological father of a child? Or maybe you are being told you are but believe you are not? Are you the biological mother of a child and need to know for certain who the biological father really is? Either way, your child has the right to know who their biological parents are.

It is possible that you are one of those who have been told you are the biological father when, in fact, you may not be.  It does not mean you do not want to be a part of the child’s life.  However, it could simply mean the child deserves to know there may be another person out there who was not given the opportunity of fatherhood simply because he did not know. He/she deserves all the love they can get regardless of who the biological father is.

Biological Relationship

Maybe you have been ordered to pay support, but you feel strongly someone else is the biological father.  That is why the financial obligation should rest on them.  Or your situation maybe you are being kept from seeing your child because you have not established as the biological father.  Either way, a DNA test can validate whether you are the biological father.

In case you are the biological father, the court can help you to determine child support; time-sharing/visitation; parental responsibility and parenting plan; and custody rights.

On the other hand, the court system recognizes the legal father of a child.  Should another individual believes he is the biological father of the child, he can bring a paternity action to become the legal father.  If the Court determines it is in the best interests of the child for the non-biological father to remain the legal father, then it will be.

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