When You Don’t Need A Lawyer

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Did you know there are times you don't need a lawyer? There are many instances where you can save yourself a lot of money just by representing yourself and hiring...

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Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

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Lawyers in Florida charge anywhere from $250 to $1000’s of dollars an hour, depending on their expertise and reputation. If you’ve been charged with a serious crime or sued for...

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6 Reasons to Hire a Legal Document Preparation Service

Hire a legal document prep service

Root canals, trips to the DMV, and completing legal paperwork are the bane of everyone’s existence. Not only is legal document preparation time-consuming, the smallest mistake could have potentially devastating consequences. Most...

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Self-Represented Individuals and Pro Se Litigants Are Increasing!

Did You Know That Many People Urgently Need Help With Their Legal Matters? Without legal assistance, their issues will likely go unresolved or wrongly resolved against them. One of the biggest...

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Florida Online Legal Blog for the Florida Self-Represented Individuals and Pro Se Litigants

Welcome to Our Florida Online Legal Blog! Our website is designed to provide information and resources for people who need assistance regarding legal matters. There are just so many things you...

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