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Legal Blog – Empowering the People

Welcome to our online Legal Blog! Our blog and website is designed for people with everyday life issues which happen to fall under the category of legal matters. So many of you do not realize that there are just so many things you can handle yourself without having to pay a high priced attorney. If you want to save yourself money and do not need legal advice or representation in court, then you have come to the right place. Coming from an in-depth understanding of specific laws and procedures, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on Legal Document Preparation Services to Self-Represented Individuals and Pro...

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Low-Income Consumers May Be Able to Waive Court Filing Fees

CIVIL INDIGENCY STATUS Did you know that you may qualify for civil indigency status which may allow you to have your court filing fees, summons, and service of process fees waived? If you are concerned that you simply cannot afford the court costs, yet feel you may have been wronged and compelled to bring a lawsuit against another party, you can apply for indigency status with the court system to find out if you qualify based upon the State of Florida’s standards. This matter is more fully explained in Florida Statute 57.082. The Florida Civil Indigent application form is available on the...

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Divorce Does Not Need to Be Complicated

Whether you have been married a short amount of time or 25 years or more - have children, assets, property, or not, the toll it can take on a person can still seem like a lot to endure.  South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services understands that and will do everything possible to make your divorce process as stress-free as possible. Should you feel you do not need legal advice or representation in court, or simply cannot afford an attorney, do not worry. With years of experience and knowledge of court procedure and which forms are needed to prepare and file in your...

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