Benefits of Using Summary Administration Document Services in Florida

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Benefits of Using Summary Administration Document Services in Florida

Whether or not a person dies without a Will or an Estate plan outlining in writing how or whom they choose to leave their assets to in a legal document, Florida probate law comes into practice. All the Florida probate rules and procedures need to be followed and all the legal formalities need to be followed. This probate process requires specific Florida probate legal forms preparation and filed with the court. You may need the guidance of an experienced Florida legal documentation preparation service that cannot only complete all the documents, but also assist in efiling the documents in the proper jurisdiction.

According to Florida Probate law, whether the decedent left a last will or not, in most cases the process is streamlined for small estates with non-exempt assets valued at less than $75,000. One can probate a small estate with a Florida Summary administration process. If there is homestead property, a Petition to Determine homestead status is needed.

Now to file the probate you have two options. You can either hire a lawyer who may charge anywhere between $300 to $500 per hour or about $3,500.00 and up for the entire process which is very expensive, or you can accept help from a Florida summary administration document service which charges much less. A Florida probate document specialist can assist with the entire document process including preparing the documents, form filing, and track your case with you through the court system.

If the decedent has unknown creditors and has been deceased for less than two years, the court will generally require notice be published in the local newspaper requiring all creditors to file any claims against the estate. In cases where there is no will, Florida intestacy laws will determine who is to inherit the assets.

In cases where there is a will, which nominates a personal representative, either the person nominated, or any beneficiary has the responsibility to file the petition with the court which will in turn issue an Order of Summary Administration allowing immediate distribution of the assets to the persons entitled to them. No attorney or hearing is ever required in a Florida Summary Administration.

Just in case the personal representative is unable to do his job properly and ends up in a dispute then it is in the hands of the supervising judge who passes a judgement and the final decision.

All these proceeding may involve loads of paper work. Therefore, if you or your near and dear ones are in such a situation wherein you are acting as a personal representative then it is best to seek help from legal documentation preparation services who would make sure that you have all the relevant documents in order to carry out the process of probate administration.

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