South Florida Legal Document Preparation Services was created by a seasoned Florida paralegal who has devoted well over 25 years Florida legal doc prep services to some of the most extraordinary attorneys in the South Florida area. During this time, it was soon realized that there was a tremendous need to help solve the biggest problem so many people face in their daily lives today.

Everyone is guessing.
Hundreds, if not thousands of people are currently dealing with a legal matter in their lives which either they feel they cannot afford to hire an attorney or they choose to handle themselves. Whatever the reason might be, in most cases, self-represented individuals and pro se litigants simply need a Florida legal document preparation specialist to help them. Most individuals are not familiar with the Florida rules of court procedure and how to complete the appropriate Florida legal documents or Florida legal forms to handle their matter, state their claim or defend themselves.


We are passionate about making Florida legal document preparation services accessible to everyone. It is not our intention to compete with attorneys nor do we proclaim to. We simply offer Florida affordable legal documentation services for less complex legal matters that help consumers with their legal challenges to free up attorneys for more complex issues. We are not acting as or calling ourselves “Paralegals” when working with the general public. We merely fill in Florida legal forms based upon your instructions. We cannot provide legal representation, legal advice or legal advocacy in any way, shape or form. We provide clerical help to self-represented individuals in a legal matter. You will be required to sign a nondisclosure with us before starting any work.

Should you have a legal issue which we feel is more complex and warrants legal counsel, we either have a number of qualified attorneys we can recommend or we will refer you to the Florida Bar. Our team of virtual legal document preparers serve customers across the State of Florida at very affordable rates. We believe that everyone deserves to have professionally prepared, error-free documents that are ready for court. Whether you can’t afford an attorney or you’re choosing to represent yourself as pro se, we can help you through the process.

In summary, we provide legal document preparation and court filing assistance to self-represented individuals and pro se litigants; and paralegal services for attorneys and law firms only.

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