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Small Businesses on the Rise in South Florida

Small Businesses are on the rise in South Florida. It is a new kind of durable. The Armex Zero Suit from Armex Industries, Inc, a Florida small business, has radically high heat and cold resistance qualities. It will help firefighters and military personnel to adapt better to their unique surroundings. This idea was hatched in South Florida, in the city of Miami. It is no wonder! Miami recently climbed with New York into the Entrepreneurship boxing ring and floored it solidly. Miami is now the number one city for small business growth in the U.S. There are lots more innovative ideas brewing here than just Armex Suits! If you are thinking of starting a Florida small business, speak to a business legal document preparer such as South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC, or a Florida paralegal to assist you with the paperwork required to create your LLC, Corporation, or basic partnership agreement. For additional valuable resource material when preparing to start your new business, please check out Florida Small Business.

The Criteria for Small Businesses

The criteria for selecting the best small business growth hub was that small businesses should have fewer than 250 employees or less than $10 million in revenue per year. Miami moved up from the third place in 2018 to first place this year. It is now the top city for small business in the U.S. New York, formerly at number one, currently ranks at number four. The annual rankings are part of the service of Biz2Credit, an online business financing platform.

What Makes Miami in South Florida so Unique for Small Businesses?

Miami is a gateway to Latin America for exporters and importers alike. Its economy is diverse, and its real estate, construction, travel, and IT industries are booming. Miami is one of the largest and busiest shipping ports in the U.S. The city is vibrant with tourists visiting year-round. Two large Spanish television networks operate from Miami, as do music entertainment epicenters.  The concentration of international and domestic banks in Miami is impressive.

Its business climate is friendly and inspiring, and it is easy to see why entrepreneurs increasingly choose to operate from this locale. Opportunities for small business growth exist across a multitude of industries.

In tomorrow’s world, geography is just not that important anymore. Cities in the center of the U.S. offer a high quality of life, but at a lower overall living cost. Cost of labor is lower, as well as taxes. South Florida small businesses can even serve larger corporations elsewhere. Many are expanding.

Another reason for the success of Miami as the top city for small businesses in the U.S., is the high concentration of local angel investors and other successful entrepreneurs. ntrepreneurs overall are a special breed. They love innovation and new ideas – even those that are not their own. Start-ups that need funds appeal to these investors. Even if they are unable to invest, they are still a valuable source of advice and information.

Never underestimate the power of networking! An informed source said that local businesses in Miami have a particular network where they can work closely with former colleagues, developers, and engineers that they’ve met in Florida previously. They can draw from a larger talent pool to develop what they have. Florida also has good universities that feed small business growth with local talent.

Why Wait? Let’s go to South Florida!

That’s great! You won’t be sorry that you decided to establish your new business in Miami or in South Florida in general.

You’ll need documents. One of the definite perks is that you will be able to use South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC, to help you prepare all of the necessary documents. Whether it is to draw up a business partnership or operating agreement, we are professional and skilled to help. We are skillful in the establishments of LCC’s and corporations. We know what to look for in real estate agreements for businesses, and we can also help to get your personal documents in order.


Imagine sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a delicious dinner at a never-to-be-repeated discount price at a quiet time of day. This is the idea of Tim LeMaster of Ziffor: to offer great promotions at sit-down restaurants in non-peak hours. It benefits the consumer (a special deal) and the restaurant (less “unprofitable” consumers during peak hours.) This is another Miami hub entrepreneurial idea.

Who knows? Your idea can start a new trend. Speak to South Florida Legal Doc Prep Services, LLC to help you make it happen.

Is that All?

Not really. While you are allowing us to help you get your new business licensed and set up with the State of Florida, and obtain your Employer Identification No. with the IRS, you know you must have a website in order to launch your new business. How else are you going to gain exposure and obtain new business? For a new startup, the perfect online solution is a professional website that is in line with your brand. Hire a Florida small business Professional Website Designer who will work alongside your business effortlessly. They have your needs covered as far as helping to customize your website no matter the size of your business. They can design your company logo, website, branding, business cards, stationary, flyers, brochures, print design, booklets, whatever your needs may be.

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